Tapping into Aotearoa’s Creativity

Tapping into Aotearoa’s Creativity

MAD is a cheeky new platform where businesses and creatives can side-step the big ad agencies and connect directly online.

Post your next advertising brief on MAD and talented Kiwis of all backgrounds (design, music, writing, etc) will compete and collaborate with each other to bring you the best creative solutions.

«Our mission is to break through the glass ceilings of the advertising industry and tap into Aotearoa’s diverse wealth of creativity.»

Use the promo code CREATIVEDIVERSITY when you sign up to receive $20 free credit.


MAD is a part of Diversity & Inclusion New Zealand, a collective of Kiwi Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses who support and celebrate Diversity and Inclusion within New Zealand.

Empowering people from all walks of life, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and education to build a more inclusive and safe Aotearoa.

Visit diversity.org.nz to find out more.